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Use the form hereafter to find your CD containing words or group of specific words. The search engine for texts shows a list of documents with specific words, starting with those which correspond the most to the search. Every component of the list is a hypertext link with an artist or a category. A brief explanation of request language is available with some examples.

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Request language

The search engine for text allows to create requests from arbitrary entire expressions containing key words AND, OR and NOT and gathered in brackets. For example :

City Angels

Finds CDs containing the word "City" or "Angels"

City OR Angels

Same as above

City AND Angels

Finds CDs containing the words "City" and "Angels"

City AND NOT Angels

Finds CDs containing the word "City" but not "Angels"

(City AND NOT Angels) AND River

Finds CDs containing the word "City" without the word "Angels" with the word "River"


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